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Silicon Valley’s Local CBD 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Nani Dominguez-Smith

It’s officially December, so you know what that means! Everyone is shopping for the best gifts to give their loved ones. If you like to give gifts that are as functional as they are thoughtful, wellness products are the way to go. In this blog, we’re taking the legwork out of holiday shopping for you with this comprehensive guide to all our favorite local CBD products in Silicon Valley.

CBD is a thoughtful and trendy holiday gift for just about anyone because of its versatile use and ease to incorporate into a daily routine. Whether the recipient is into culinary arts, luxurious self-care, stress management solutions, or natural remedies for physical pain and discomfort, we have the perfect gift suggestion. CBD products also pair great with other wellness items if you’re looking for a more grandiose gesture, like combining multiple products into a kit or gift basket. As the Best CBD Store in all of Silicon Valley rated by Mercury News in 2023, we’re here to steer you in the right direction and make your shopping experience as seamless as possible. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Best Local CBD Products For Your 2023 Holiday Gifts

For the self-care queen

CBD Bath Bombs

Max out on wellness by soaking in a CBD-infused bath. Not only is a good bubble bath the ultimate way to relax the mind, but these CBD bath bombs will help rejuvenate the skin from head to toe to reveal a radiant and supple surface.

Buy now: Kush Queen Bath Bombs ($15)

Tincture Trio

cbd store

Know someone in need of a natural energy booster and/or sleep aid? Whether it’s a racing mind or a chronic health condition such as insomnia preventing your loved one from properly functioning, Cloud City Supply’s Tincture Trio is here to save the day. Each one features a different cannabinoid (CBD, CBN, and CBG) that complement each other to support the user from day to night.

Buy now: Cloud City Tincture Trio ($100)


For the spoiled pet

CBD for pets

If you or someone you love includes pets on their holiday shopping list, Honest Paws is the way to go. Cloud City is a long-time endorser and distributor of the Honest Paws brand, and have received rave review after rave review from pet owners across all of Silicon Valley. Their offerings include several types of peanut butter, soft chews, treats, balms, and tinctures to suit each dog or cat’s individual needs. 

Buy now: Honest Paws ($30-$80 or subscribe & save)


For the aching athlete

Intensive Relief Rub

This product makes a great gift for people dealing with a range of physical conditions. Whether it’s the active athlete who regularly pushes their body to its limits or the family member who was recently diagnosed with arthritis and has been suffering from petulant joint pain ever since; enter Cloud City’s Intensive Relief Rub to the rescue!

Buy now: Intensive CBD Relief Rub ($80 or subscribe & save 20%)

Period Pain Relief Cream

period pain

If your gift recipient struggles with painful periods and PMS, look no further. This period pain relief cream covers all the bases, from abdominal cramps to body and headaches. The broad spectrum CBD paired with lidocaine and the other star ingredients in this luxurious lotion work to numb pain and restore relief in seconds. Just a touch applied to the belly, temples, or back of the neck is all that’s needed to alleviate. 

Buy now: Ladykind Tough Love Period Pain Relief Cream ($79)


For the foodie fanatic

CBD-Infused Coffee

Encourage friends and family to swap their regular coffee for our renowned CBD-infused coffee not only for an enhanced morning routine but also for the variety of health and wellness benefits it has to offer, such as balancing out caffeine jitters and digestive problems. The best part? Every morning when they wake up, they’ll thank you for their new favorite sunrise ritual!

Need more convincing? Stop by our CBD store in Downtown Campbell on any Sunday morning for a free taste test!

Buy now: Premium CBD-Infused Coffee ($30 or subscribe & save – $28.50)

Sublingual Local CBD Tinctures

sublingual tinctures

Each of these award-winning CBD tinctures serves a different, yet necessary purpose in helping to regulate hormone imbalances, pain sensations, mood, appetite, and sleep cycles. What’s more, they can either be directly ingested, or used as an additive to any food or beverage of your foodie friend’s choice.

Pro-tip: Add Rise Up to Cloud City Premium CBD coffee for a boost of energy and focus at the start of the day, and Wind Down to nighttime tea at the end of the day to melt into relaxation and the best quality sleep.

Buy now: Ladykind Rise & Rest Set ($129)

CBD Edibles

For a quick pick-me-up while on the go, these edible gummies are the perfect addition to any gift basket or stocking stuffer. Each bite contains 25mg of CBD and is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and has no high fructose corn syrup.

Buy now: Smokiez CBD Gummies ($20-$30 or subscribe & save 20%)


Gift basket ideas:

Our ‘Best Of’ Bundle includes our top three best-selling products: 

  • 2000mg Intensive Relief Rub
  • 1000mg CBN Tincture Drops
  • 12oz Premium CBD Coffee

Combined, this is a $170 value, now over 25% off!

If you’re using the holiday season to introduce a loved one to local CBD who you know will greatly benefit from it, consider gifting them our CBD Starter Kit to ensure a safe and effective experience for them to dive into.


Our gift to you:

Through 12/31/2023, all Cloud City Supply CBD products are Buy One, Get One 50% off! Discount automatically applied at checkout.

Happy shopping!