cbd infused coffee

3 Reasons To Swap Your Regular Coffee For CBD-Infused Coffee

Nani Dominguez-Smith

cbd infused coffee

If you’re anything like the Cloud City Supply family, a fresh cup of coffee in the mornings is an essential part of your daily routine. Between the comfort of the warmth and unique aroma, and of course the most important part: the effects of the caffeine, it’s the key to starting your day off right. However, real coffee connoisseurs everywhere want to know how they can hack this morning ritual to sustain optimal wellness and productivity throughout the day. Enter: CBD-infused coffee.


Why should I swap my coffee for CBD-infused coffee?

CBD is becoming a common ingredient not only in skincare and wellness products, but also in food and beverages. Science and research are finding that the therapeutic benefits this compound offers can be used in a number of ways to enhance a number of different aspects of your overall well-being. In this blog, we’ll give you three reasons to justify swapping your regular morning coffee for CBD-infused coffee for an elevated morning routine.



All coffee drinkers know the feeling of caffeine overload. On those mornings when it’s more difficult than usual to pull yourself out of bed and face that mounting to-do list, an extra cup seems like the remedy you need. Then all of a sudden you’re hyper-anxious and shaking from caffeine jitters. As a result, your beloved brew ends up having the opposite effect of what you intended, because you can do anything but focus. 


This is one of the biggest reasons CBD-infused coffee is a better alternative to your typical Starbucks order. CBD-infused coffee strikes the perfect balance between alertness and calm, making it an ideal gateway to a productive flow. CBD is known for its non-psychoactive calming effects on the mind and body. When combined with coffee, it counteracts the unwanted potential side effects of caffeine to maintain a mellow mood with a sharpened focus.


Combats common digestive issues

Although you love your coffee, we’re sure you’ve experienced another of its unwanted side effects aside from caffeine jitters. Whether it causes acid reflux or an upset stomach, the beverage rarely sits well with anyone. However, due to its anti-inflammatory properties that relax the gastrointestinal tract, CBD saves the day yet again.


Health and wellness benefits

In addition to the above, CBD offers a range of health and wellness benefits for your stress-inducing workday. Its growing reputation is credited not only to the wonders it works on stress and anxiety, but the relief it provides for physical pain and discomfort as well.  



In short, by incorporating CBD-infused coffee into your morning routine, you’re also giving your overall well-being an extra boost of support. Thanks to all the amazing properties this compound possesses (analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotective), CBD + coffee = the perfect pairing to set yourself up for sustained productivity throughout the day. Cloud City offers a 4oz bag of Premium CBD Coffee if you want to start small, and a 12oz bag for after you fall in love. 


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