Party With Us For Cloud City Supply's 2nd Birthday

Party With Us For Cloud City Supply’s 2nd Birthday

Nani Dominguez-Smith

This month marks an important moment in Cloud City Supply’s history. It’s officially our second birthday! To celebrate, we’re giving you an inside look into our origins and how our brand was born.


The void that needed to be filled

Before the owner of Cloud City founded this award-winning Silicon Valley CBD Store, she searched tirelessly for a natural remedy for her debilitating sleep and anxiety issues. Covid-19 pandemic restrictions were shifting, and the cannabis industry was still gaining momentum in the South Bay. Amy Taylor had previously been introduced to different forms of cannabis, but had a hard time identifying solutions that worked as health aids that didn’t come with overwhelming psychoactive side effects.

Her initial research would include visits to three different dispensaries that gave way to varied outcomes. The first shop sold her an edible that had way too high of a THC concentration level. Though she enjoyed the experience, Amy knew this wasn’t a sustainable solution if she wanted to be able to function throughout the day. At the second, she was greeted by budtenders who were equally as unconcerned with helping clientele as they were uninformed about the products they were selling. The third time had to be the charm though, right?


Relief at last

Finally, she found the CBD-based help she was looking for at the third dispensary she visited. But for a less-determined individual, Amy knew the slim possibility of making it this far. Having to jump through hoops would have turned the average customer off forever, and she knew so many people who could benefit from the relief she did eventually find with CBD. Thus, she decided she would be the one to fill the void between great products and sophisticated customer service.

Amy opened Cloud City Supply in downtown Campbell, California in the summer of 2021. In such an uncertain time, her mission was to connect those in need to personalized solutions by educating her customers in an inviting space. Not only do Cloud City employees take the time to recommend products according to each client’s individual needs, but they also provide detailed instructions on how to use each one before letting anyone leave the store. In the short two years it’s been in operation, the store has established itself as a reputable brand for quality CBD products. The Cloud City Supply staff has built a tight-knit community based on the trusting relationships they have with their customers. In addition to being recognized by Mercury News as the Best CBD Store in the South Bay, Cloud City has enjoyed immersing itself into the downtown Campbell community by hosting several events including educational seminars, the Sunday farmers market, the Bunnies & Bonnets parade, Wine Walks, an annual community Blood Drive, and more.


Celebrate with us!

This year we’re celebrating Cloud City Supply’s second birthday with a FREE event at our brick-and-mortar in downtown Campbell. Join us for mouthwatering bites by local food vendors, music by a live DJ, a raffle, and of course, a champagne toast to commemorate our growth and the special community we have to thank for it. 

Oh, and we also have great specials going on all week, both in-store and online. Check out the event details below and pencil us into your calendar for this Saturday. RSVP here to save your spot!


Cloud City Supply’s 2nd Birthday Bash

Saturday, August 19th, 2023

6:00 – 9:00 pm

325 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008


P.s.- both your human and furry friends are welcome too!