Cloud City CBD Starter Kit


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New to CBD and not sure what to try first?

Our CBD Starter Kit is a great way to sample a few different products at a great price, and our CBD 101 resource will answer some frequently asked questions about the uses and effects of CBD.

Product Description

Ready to take that first plunge into CBD bliss but don’t know where to start? Relax, we’ve got you covered with our CBD Starter Kit. The Cloud City CBD Starter Kit includes a 15ML bottle of our 1000mg Natural flavor tincture, a sample packet of our ever popular Intensive Relief Rub, and your choice of tasty Smokiez gummies. Our CBD Starter Kit is the best and most affordable way to find out which CBD products are right for you!

  • Includes a 10 count bag of regular Smokiez Gummies, 15ML Bottle of Cloud City Natural Tincture, and Cloud City Intensive Relief Rub
  • Pick a CBG or CBN flavor for an additional $5.
  • Pick a 20 count bag for an additional $10.


Suggested Use

Cloud City CBD Tincture Drops: Dispense 1-2 full droppers under your tongue and let sit for 15-30 seconds. Repeat up to twice daily.

Cloud City Intensive Relief Rub: Apply a small amount to sore muscles or joints and rub in thoroughly. Do not apply more than four times daily. Wash hands after application.

CBD Gummies: Consume 1 gummy and wait 30 mins – 2 hours. Consume 2 if needed. Do not consume on an empty stomach.



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Product Information

CBD Starter Kit Item #1

Cloud City CBD Tincture Drops (15ML)

CBD Starter Kit Item #2

Cloud City Intensive Relief Rub Sample Packet

Smokiez Gummies Option

Blackberry – 10ct, Blackberry – 20ct, Blackberry CBN – 10ct, Sour Blackberry – 10ct, Sour Blackberry – 20ct, Blue Raspberry – 10ct, Blue Raspberry CBG – 10ct, Blue Raspberry CBN – 10ct, Sour Blue Raspberry – 10ct, Sour Blue Raspberry – 20ct, Sour Blue Raspberry CBG – 10ct, Sour Blue Raspberry CBN – 10ct, Green Apple – 20ct, Green Apple CBG – 10ct, Sour Green Apple – 20ct, Sour Green Apple CBG – 10ct, Mango CBG – 10ct, Sour Mango CBG – 10ct, Peach – 10ct, Peach – 20ct, Peach CBG – 10ct, Peach CBN – 10ct, Sour Peach – 10ct, Sour Peach – 20ct, Sour Peach CBG – 10ct, Sour Peach CBN – 10ct, Tropical Fruit – 10ct, Sour Tropical Fruit – 10ct, Watermelon – 10ct, Watermelon – 20ct, Watermelon CBG – 10ct, Watermelon CBN – 10ct, Sour Watermelon – 10ct, Sour Watermelon – 20ct, Sour Watermelon CBG – 10ct, Sour Watermelon CBN – 10ct



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