Love Bundle w/ Vapes


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Product Description

Does your boo prefer vapes? Choose any of our Jack Pot vapes to really treat your sweetie.

Take your pick of our Smokiez CBD Gummies, Kush Queen Bath Bombs, Cloud City CBD skin care products, and Jack Pot 1G Disposable Vapes. We’ve got everything you need to knock their socks off this Valentine’s Day.

The Love Bundle w/ Vapes includes:

• 1 x Cloud City Skin Care Product
• Smokiez Gummies (10 or 20 count for an extra $10)
• 1 x Bath Bomb
• 2 x Vapes

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View Jack Pot 1G Disposable Vapes


Jack Pot Disposable Vape Options:

Dogwalker OG (Indica)
Forbidden Fruit (Sativa)
Watermelon Zkittlez (Indica Dominant Hybrid)

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Product Information

Smokiez Gummies Flavor

Sour Blue Raspberry – 10ct, Tropical Fruit – 10ct, Sour Watermelon – 10ct, Peach – 10ct, Sour Tropical Fruit – 10ct, Sour Blue Raspberry – 10ct, Blackberry – 10ct, Sour Blackberry – 10ct, Watermelon – 10ct, Sour Peach – 10ct, Blue Raspberry – 10ct, Sour Blue Raspberry – 20ct, Tropical Fruit – 20ct, Sour Watermelon – 20ct, Peach – 20ct, Sour Tropical Fruit – 20ct, Sour Blue Raspberry – 20ct, Blackberry – 20ct, Sour Blackberry – 20ct, Watermelon – 20ct, Sour Peach – 20ct, Blue Raspberry – 20ct

Jack Pot Disposable Vape #1

Watermelon Zkittlez, Dogwalker OG, Forbidden Fruit

Jack Pot Disposable Vape #2

Watermelon Zkittlez, Dogwalker OG, Forbidden Fruit

Bath Bomb

Awaken, Black Magic, Love, Relax, Relieve, Sleep, Complete Mini Collection

Skin Care Product

Ageless Care Cream with Orange, Revitalize Cream, Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter